пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

Oh, happy day!) I received two I-cards this evening =)
The first one was kindly sent by Betty from Hungary. From Hungary! And as you see, it shows two happy dreadlocks travellers in a beautiful city.
And another one is with Bob Marley. And with Hugo Chávez on the stamp. Girls send it last Sunday from the postcrossing meeting, which I had to miss because of neverending work.
Thank you, girls, you are wonderful!
And a little something not about postcards, but about life.
When you can't stop crying and wonder, how you still can wake up every morning, when feeling like that you go down to the subway and see there an old man, playing accordion to get some money and singing about the sun and great country... His eyes are clear like the sun he is singing about, and he smiles. And you smile, too, you just don't have choice.
At the moments like this you make sure again and again, that Bob was is so right, million times right, saying those words about music.
I wish, you could hear that grandfather today.