среда, 29 января 2014 г.

Thank you, Eeva!
This is another one postcard, sent by Natasha from Austria. On the card you see rathaus in Wien, drawn by F. Kopallik. Find his other works, they are really beautiful.
Thank you, Natasha)

I have already told about Liza. She sent me this card from Italy in November. What the colours! Thank you, Liza)

Mother Africa! Always beautiful. Always!
Thank you, Sonja!
By the way, did you know Afrikaans word for "peace"? It's "vrede".

Warm postcard from Terhi. Thank you!

среда, 22 января 2014 г.

Natasha sends me (and not only me) postcards very often. These are only two of them (maybe the most loved from her for now). Thank you, Natasha! =)
It's the work of Gregory Colbert (Natasha knows, I'm in love with "Ashes and snow") and a girl, listening to her heart.
Later I'll show them all.

These Russian postcards came to me in December and January. They make me feel a little bit warmer.
Thank you, girls!

Today I received five postcards, and they were great.
This one is from Peter from Germany. Peter has a dream, and I'm sure, it'll come true soon.
Another card was sent by Ann from Belgium. Ann is nature lover and avid gardener. What about me and the postcard... I love fruit markets and I adore pumpkins!

Third card came from Judith and André from Netherlands. And from always busy Mika, I guess ;)
It's the building of an old theatre in Enschede.
I also had two more cards, but I could show them later.
Thank you, dear postcrossers, for making me smile!

суббота, 18 января 2014 г.

I received this wonderful postcard about a year ago and I was so glad! Now I can show it here.
Thank you so much, Huda, for the gladness you brought me.