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I love this postcard! Thank you =)

Ysyakh. Republik of Sakha (Yakutiya).
Great postcards from Katya.
Thank you!!!

Thank you Zhao!!!
Thank you card
Taipei Main Station
The original caption on this photograph reads: "The train from Keelung takes one hour and six minutes to arrive in Taipei, the main station on the island railway network. This is also the fork point for the Danshuei Branch Line". At that time, Taipei Main Station was situated west of its current location and formed a counterpart to the National Taiwan Museum. This photograph also shows the prevalence of rickshaw transportation during those years.

Thank you Mei-Ching! 

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Thank you Nala! I like sunflowers.
New York
Times Square and New York's Theatку District.

Nice postcard.
Thank you Doreen Melissa!
Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya (New Guinea) — A spear-wielding Dani warrior set for tribal battle.
One of the best postcards! =) Thank you Shinta!
Moscow. The Vassily-the-Blessed cathedral.
Moscow. The Kremlin. The Annunciation Cathedral.
New country: Bosnia and Herzegovina!
My first postcard from Norway.
The Phoenix and the Carpet, 1959.
Cover illustration by H. R. Miller.
"Sweet Solitude" (1919) by Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922)
Bonhams, London
Thank you Heather!

Дева Мария.
Скульптор — Йоганн Непомук Гауттманн.
Львов, проспект Свободы.
Beautiful postcard! I like the colours.
Thank you, TBC =)

A postcard from postcrossing meeting in Krasnoyarsk.

Памятник «Боль» в память воинов-интернационалистов, погибших
в Афганистане.
Установлен в 1997 году (скульптор И. Казак, архитектор В. Рыбаков).

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Some days ago I thought, that it would be great to receive a postcard from Turkmenistan. And today I found a postcard from this country in my  P. O. Box =) Just wow)))

Turabeg-khanum mausoleum. 14th century.