четверг, 13 января 2011 г.

Bird and Fish. Segun Adeku. Handmade card from Nigeria!!!
Спасибо, Ирина!!! 
Railings around the Summer Garden. 1771-84.
Architects: Yuri Velten, Piotr Egorov.
Спасибо, Виктор!
Golden Temple, Lahore, Pakistan. 
My first postcard from this country!
Thank you, Ahmed.
Thank you, Rich!
Charlie Chaplin
Love!! =)
Thank you, Aniek!!!
St Petersburg. View of Palace Square and the Alexander Column.
Москва. Коломенское. Церковь Вознесения.
Adore Ernest Hemingway!
Thank you, Jenny!!
Thank you, Doumik, for a nice postcard!

«Если каждому взяться за руки, то некому будет по ним бить» Леонид С. Сухоруков

Спасибо, Анатолий!!!

"A journey of a thousand miles starts in front of your feet"

Thongs and sandals are discarded as dancers practise for a temple festival in the very traditional village of Timbrah, Bali, Indonesia.
Photographer Gregory Adams.
Wonderful postcard! Thank you, Victoria!!! 
Very beautiful postcard from Carol.
I was glad to receive this postcard!
Elizabeth Catlett (b. 1919)
Sculptor and printmaker
Old German postcard from my friend.
Спасибо, Анна Сергеевна! =)
Strange postcard from Finland.

Musical instrument with tiger-shaped knob.
Bronze Warning States period.

A colorful postcard!!
Funny postcard from Magdalena.
Dziękuję, Magdo! 
Пиволюбы от Ирады)))
Grrreat!) Thank you, Simone!!
Albert Benois. Brittany — Brehat Island. 1934 
Swap with Layla. Thank you!!! =) 

среда, 12 января 2011 г.

My first postcard from Malaysia. I like small details on it!
Thank you, Anastasia.
Thank you, dear Heidi, for this wonderful surprise!
Замечательная открытка!!!
Спасибо, Наталья!
Спасибо, Дарья!
Nice postcard from Mister Teapot =)
Thank you! 
Michigan became the 26th state on January 26th, 1837
I love Penguin book cards.
Thank you, Jane!
Silver Pink, February 1966
Great postcard from Yulya.
Спасибо, Юля!!!
Helma from Helmond sent me this postcard =)
Thank you!
"Sweets for stomach and mind"
Thank you, Suvi!


Old Town Hall in winter with Christmas market 
Thank you, Detlef!