четверг, 30 октября 2014 г.

And one more cup of tea =) This time from Anita.
This card is so big!) And has nice stamps on the back side.
Thank you, Anita!
Do you have any idea, what could it be?
It's a teapostcard! Have you ever drunk a postcard? =)
Its another side has a space for the message, address and stamps. And there is wonderful rooibos inside. My loved friend, Guzel, didn't know, that is was one of my favourite teas, but she chose it.
It was a great surprise! =)

I'm always glad to receive postcards with drawings by Natasha Chetkova. The postcard with her drawing form the postcrossing meeting is a double joy! =)
Thank you, girls!

Tea postcard from John with an interesting information :)
Thank you, John!
This sunflower came from Lena. The sun is most needed now, in this cold.
Thank you!

Ryszard Kapuściński came from Natasha with beautiful stamps.
Have you ever read anything by him?
Thank you, Natasha =)