воскресенье, 18 мая 2014 г.

Long Night of Museums, or Postcrosser'll find the postcards anywhere

There was the Night of Museums here in Ekaterinburg, like in many other cities in the world. I chose five museums to visit, and three of them were in the Literary Square, because I love literature and because it's one of my favourite places in this city.
It's very green and calm place, with singing birds and old buildings. Let's go! =)
The first museum I visited was the Museum of the literary life of the Urals in the XIX century. To tell the truth, it wasn't very interesting, because there was a small exhibition about Russian writer Mikhail Lermontov, and a guide didn't tell us anything new (but M. Lermontov is one of the great Russian writers, and if you are thinking what to read now, maybe you'll read him? :) By the way, he was not only the writer, he also played music and drew).
Though the museum itself wasn't so interesting tonight, I was glad, that I went there. First of all, it's an old house(and I love it), and its garden was full of flowers. They were so beautiful and smelled so sweet. These are only some of them. Unfortunately they are not as beautiful on the pictures as in real life, but look.
 And now look, what I found there! Before the main exhibition there was another one. So small, but very interesting still. There were old (original) postcards, drawn by Lyubov Endaurova (Любовь Эндаурoва) and her sister Elisaveta Bem (Елизавета Бём) or Elisabeth Bohm, the most successful prominent author of postcards in XIX century Russia. Maybe you even have received their reprint.
And some more postcards =)
After this museum I went to the former post relay near the house of the writer Fyodor Reshetnikov (Фёдор Решетников). A guide was very enthusiastic, and he told us interesting facts about postmen and coachmen. There were a lot of people and small rooms, so I couldn't take pictures. But I can show you some pictures of this place, taken in different time.
If you happen will visit Ekaterinburg, find time for the Literary Square, you'll love it. Or better let's go together =)